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Employment Opportunities

River Run Aviation is accepting resumes for the position of Chief Pilot.  Minimum requirements are Commercial Aeroplane License with Seaplane Rating, 500hrs Total Time w/250hrs as PIC in Seaplanes within last 3 years.  Preferred requirements are ATPL or Commercial Licence with Seaplane Rating, 2000hrs PIC w/250hrs as PIC in Seaplanes within last 3 years.  Position is in a new company in the start up/certification phase and requires a flexable work schedule.  Candidate will be responsible in accordance with Chief Pilot duties as stated in part 703 of the CARS and in the Company Operations Manual.  Candidate will be required to take Chief Pilot Exam with DOT and meet the approval requirements as stated in the CARS.  This is a great position for anyone wanting to start a career in aviation management or for seasoned pilots looking for second source of income.